Olinda the Carnival Capital of North East Brazil joins the Minha Casa Minha Vida programme

Towards the tip of Brazil, on the part jutting out towards Africa is the old colonial city of Olinda. This colourful city, renowned for it’s carnivals is to finally join the popular Minha Casa Mminha Vida (my house my life) affordable housing programme, a move welcomed by locals and official alike.

Olinda is in the State of Pernambuco and is one of the largest cities in that region of the Atlantic coast. The city is south of Paulista but is to the north of nearby Recife. It’s well known as a historical site, indeed one of the most well preserved in the whole country. Nowadays the city and its surrounding area have a population of about four hundred thousand. This is rather more than some English cities (for instance Nottingham or Leicester) or indeed some US places like Providence, Rhode Island which is only half Olinda’s size. Incidentally, for fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ the fictional city of King’s Landing is quoted as having 400,000 residents…same as Olinda !

The main downtown area of Olinda is a well-preserved historical district which nowadays is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is recognised internationally. Throughout Brazil there are less than twenty such sites out of about a thousand in the entire world. An important part of Olinda cultural life is the Carnival. This is a kind of exuberant street party with music and dances, many of which showing elements of either Portuguese or African influences. There are large numbers of individual groups or performers. All with their own particular contribution. An important difference between the Olinda Carnival and the one, for instance, in Rio is that the Olinda event is completely free. There are no charges for any of the events and no areas of the streets are roped off or restricted. Many thousands of people visit the carnival from all over Brazil and further afield and the event is of great importance to the local economy.

The history of the area dates back thousands of years, most of that time featuring competing and often warring local tribes. The first Europeans to penetrate the area are believed to be French adventurers but the first really organised incursion was from the Portuguese who built a fort on a local hill and successfully dominated the area by playing off the local tribes against each other. The first permanent civilian settlement was founded by Duarte Coelho Pereira in 1535 and the growing town became the headquarters of the diocese about a century later. In the mid seventeenth century the area was invaded and occupied by the Dutch ( as were some of the African possessions) and in 1631 the town was sacked and burned by the Dutch army who (among other things) burned all the local Catholic churches as an expression of their Calvinist zeal. However the balance eventually tilted the other way again but it was not until 1640 that Portugal started to reclaim its lost colonies in Brazil and elsewhere.

The local economy currently depends on the service and tourism sectors which together account for over eighty percent of the Olinda area GDP. Manufacturing does exist but is mostly fairly small scale and rooted in the arts and crafts for which Olinda is well known. Joining the government funded Minha Casa Minha Vida housing programme will now also bring foreign property investors to the city keen to invest in Brazil and to get in of the safest and most profitable Real Estate Investment currently available.

Understanding Different Types Of Life Insurance – The Basics

As an adult, with or without a family of your own, there comes a point where you need to make sure that your loved ones’ financial security must be ensured. As they say, people do not know when they are going to die. So, if you have a family that is fully dependent on you and your salary, maybe this is the time that you consider having a life insurance of your own. If no one is depending on you financially, then you don’t need one. Understanding different types of life insurance can take a while, for there are a lot of things that must be discussed. But here is the general thought to help you put it piece by piece.

In some policy types, premiums or the amount of money insured by the policy holder can only be released in the event that that person is deceased. The sum total of the money depends entirely on what kind of policy that person has chosen to buy. Putting the right beneficiary is important because he/she is going to handle the money that you have left. If situations between the both of you changes, then you might want to change who gets the money as early as possible. Here are 2 of the most famous life insurance policies available for you:

Whole life policy

In this policy, premiums are paid all through the policy holder’s life. The amount of money released depends on the duration of time this person has allotted. As the keyword “whole life” suggests, even after retirement, you still have to keep on paying for the policy. It sounds kind of heavy but it is one of the most famous insurance policies available.

Endowment policy

Unlike the first one, this policy runs in a given amount of time or term. It depends to the policy holder on how long or what age he plans on keeping the policy. For example, the amount of time agreed upon is 15 years, after the policy’s maturity or the holder has reached a certain age, the sum will be released to him/her. This is very beneficial to the policy holder for it can serve two purposes. In the event that the holder dies, the family or the beneficiary gets the money insured. If not, and if he has outlived the contract’s maturity, it can serve as pension.

Choosing life insurance types rely mainly on the situation that you are currently in. Although advice is available, it also is important for you to know how these policies work so as to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

What Governs the Choice of a Health Insurance Plan in Texas

Texas has a crucial need for affordable Health insurance plans. Unbelievably and unlike many other states of the United States of America, one among four residents of the Texas State is found without a health insurance plan. The health care reforms introduced by the Obama Government have poured several benefits on the residents of Texas. However, it needs to be told how to get affordable health insurance in Texas. The choice of a health insurance plan in Texas must take into account the rate of premiums and the coverage benefits offered.

Employer sponsored group health insurance policies are the most inexpensive kind of policies. In these cases, the employers sponsor a major chunk of the premiums as part of their employee benefit program. Therefore, the employees will have to pay only a small amount from their pockets. Consumers who are into different occupations and those who are not employed need to look for other independently purchased health insurance policy options.

Before choosing a health insurance policy in Texas, the customers need to understand the fact that the health insurance coverage requirements are not universally common and that the medical needs of every individual is typically different from those of the others. Therefore, one must carefully examine whether the policy subscribed adequately and appropriately meets the type of medical services required by the purchaser.Before buying a health insurance policy, the customers need to know the answers for a few questions in Texas.

Those individuals who have lost the employer sponsored health insurance coverage on account of losing job can take advantage of the COBRA plan. Customers can get enrolled into COBRA within 60 days of losing their jobs. COBRA offers health insurance coverage for a period up to eighteen months after losing the job. However, this can be extended under some conditions up to 29 months.

Those customers losing their health insurance coverage on account of divorce or widowhood can also take advantage of the COBRA plan. In this case, they can stay within the coverage up to a period of 36 months.Even in this case, the customers need to get enrolled under the plan within 60 days of losing their dependent status.Early retirees who are eligible for Medicare and enjoy the pension given by the federal pension benefits guarantee corporation can get up to 65% reimbursement with respect to their medical expenses.

Medicare, Medicaid / TexCare and Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool are the three types of options available to those reported with pre-existing health conditions. The eligibility conditions for these kinds of health insurance coverage can be learnt by visiting their respective websites. The required information in this regard can also be provided over phone by the personnel in these departments.

Those individuals who are not able to get health insurance coverage through their jobs can look forward to purchase independent health insurance policies in Texas. Therefore, the purchase of a health insurance plan in Texas must take into account the status and occupation of the individuals. It is always advisable to study the cost and coverage options of various health insurance policies provided by different insurance carriers before choosing a plan.

What Different Types Of Life Insurance Are There That You Need To Know

For every decision we make, we must see to it that we could benefit from it. Planning for our future is such a crucial decision to make. We are doing some preparations not only for ourselves but for family as well. Why do we need to get our life insured? Why do we need to purchase life insurance? Many people get one as a protection for their loved ones most especially their children just in case they die. It is a very beneficial option that individuals should take advantage of to give their families something to depend on in terms of financial needs.

What different types of life insurance are there being offered by different firms? How will you know that a certain deal is right for you? Basically, there are three types of indemnity that you must be aware of. These are term, whole life, and return of premiums. Knowing each deal could make you understand their purpose and you will have an idea which one can give you a good number of benefits.

The ideal persons who should avail of this favorable life insurance are men and women who have children that are still dependent to them. Since their offspring are still young and are not yet capable of living independently, the parents should be responsible enough in finding solutions on how to provide them with a brighter and more secured tomorrow.

This is actually one way of showing your love for your children and even for your partner. You don’t have to be that rich in order to provide their needs. What’s important is that you know how to take good care of them by simply making wise investments such as getting an indemnity from a legitimate insurance firm.

Smart people know how find ways to improve their lives. They never stop looking for sensible investments. As long as you know where to get a secured deal which provides long-term benefits, then go for it because it gives you a guarantee to be protected at all times.

More often than not, people purchase a life insurance without having a full comprehension of what they are getting into. Thus, they end up being confused and failed to avail the benefits that they supposed to get. There are agents whose goal is just to convince people to sign up for an insurance plan due to the reason of getting high commissions.

Various types life insurance policy must be understood by the clients before they decide to get a certain deal so that they will be picking the one which can be benefited by their dependants in the future. If you’re in doubt, you may talk to your lawyer to ask for a professional advice pertaining to this matter.